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Our vehicles are professionally designed and cleaned inside and out. The interiors are carefully crafted to maximize both comfort and aesthetic appeal. LED lighting helps spice up the night and can be easily controlled with the turn of a dial. Leather lounge seats contour around a minibar, allowing friends and guests to relax comfortably and socialize easily. An exquisite limousine is only as good as its driver. Our chauffeurs understand the importance of client satisfaction and are prepared to show genuine concern and the utmost respect. And, of course, upstanding character and meticulous driving skills are crucial. That’s why all of our drivers are tested against rigorous background checks and trained to the highest standards in the industry. They are experts in both their limousine’s vast capabilities and the gorgeous Gulf Coast area.


Gulf Limousine offers the area’s best transportation options for all of your special events, from your corporate events, wedding limo needs to shuttling your group or guests to and from your venue, we have the vehicle you need to make your event shine.

Gulf Limousine has many years of experience moving people – and equipment –around a bustling movie set locations, offsite meetings and events throughout Alabama

As provider of limo services in the Baldwin County, we pride ourselves on providing the best limo services. We care about more than just getting you from point to point. We offer a touch of luxury with all of our Gulf limo rentals and limo services throughout Alabama and Pensacola, with customized options to make your Gulf limo service ride uniquely yours. At Gulf Limousine, the core of our business revolves around excellent customer service, providing on-time limo services and hiring the most professional and experienced chauffeurs.

We strive to build a solid reputation of an unparalleled Gulf limo service experience.  This is about more than just giving you a lift to your destination; we include a variety of amenities for a truly luxurious experience.  Each aspect of our service can be custom tailored for a truly personalized Gulf Limo Service experience.  As a service provider specializing in the exquisite, the core of our business model is founded in excellence, dependability and unparalleled customer service.

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Between each stop, keep the party going with our premium media entertainment system.  You can easily connect your favorite playlists from any phone inside the limo. No need to wait on taxis or TNCs.  As our chauffeur drives you around the beautiful Gulf Coast area, the in-car LED lights and minibar will turn your ride into a mobile night club!

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We know that weddings are stressful – and that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Gulf Limousine service is specifically designed to remove the stress and uncertainty of planning your wedding transportation needs. We offer a variety of amenities and can personalize your experience to suit your specifications. Our professional staff are experts in making your wedding day transportation memorable in only a good way!

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Gulf Limousine has had many years of experience working with film production cast, crew and equipment. Gulf Limousine offers the highest level of professionalism and discretion.

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Your birthday is special!  And our Gulf Shores limo services make it even more special!  We have the vehicles, decor and extras that are befitting of your celebration.  We also offer a variety of amenities to maximize entertainment.  A birthday party scheduled with Gulf Shore Limousines is sure to offer an unforgettable experience.  

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Pick up and drop offs. 

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Let Gulf Limousine take your group on golf outings, shopping excursions, and events. 

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